2024 International Conference on Frontier Technology and Innovation in Robotics (FTIR 2024)

Dr. Yang Bin


Dr. Yang Bin, China National Nuclear Corporation (Assistant Chief Engineer)

杨   斌,副总工,中核核工业特种机器人工程技术研究中心

I have been engaged in the research and development of nuclear power maintenance technology and equipment, as well as special robots and equipment technology in the nuclear industry.

Led the development of a hydraulic cleaning robot for the secondary side tube plate of the evaporator, research on fuel assembly repair technology, research on key technologies of the fuel loading and unloading system for pool type low-temperature heating reactors, and automated cleaning equipment for water intake culverts in nuclear power plants, among other national scientific research projects. I am also responsible for developing multiple product development projects, including evaporator high water level blocking plates, evaporator eye hole flushing equipment, pressure vessel flange cleaning equipment, pressure vessel main bolt hole cleaning equipment, and CCTV inspection equipment. The technical achievements formed have been widely applied in nuclear power maintenance work.